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How I Want Makeup to Work - Creating the Powder

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

I love color, I love makeup!  In fact, I love all the little powders, creams, tubes of pigments over any skin, hair, and nail care.  I love feeling the little pigments between my fingers, I like to see the colors dance with the light.  Yet, I am disappointed with what I don't have.  Therefore, I have took it upon myself to mix my imagination into color.

What I find interesting about color cosmetics is the action between skin and light.  In real everyday life, there is no one like a gaffer (lighting person) arranging the perfect lighting or someone carrying a lightbox around for that perfect glow.  All you get is the lighting available in your situation and it will either be natural or artificial.  But I want lighting in a powder or in some form of makeup.  I want colors to reflect and deflect light with just my own movement in light!  (I am losing you all at this point, aren't I?)

So, taking what I know about haircolor theory with the fact that our melanin is the result of everything within us like blood, fat, etc.; I went down into the lab. With the help of some fairies working overnight and witches chanting while stirring a cauldron (okay, I am lying about the fairies!), tried to come up with a powder for myself which would allow a glow when needed from a light source yet look natural when not needed.  All the while emitting or boosting a glow to anything layered on top.

Just a Mix of Pigments

From what you see in the pictures above, it just looks like a boring mix of peach gold powder which it probably is in terms of powder and I am not saying I discovered or concocted some magical makeup.  What the color actually looks like and I couldn't render is a mauve peach color.  It all depended on how the light hit upon it.

The color is really more complex because it has what can be seen as a layer of gold beneath and matte powder above.  I swatched the color against various color backgrounds from light to dark.  I also show it with and without flash.  Depending on the lighting source the matte powder gives off a highlighted glow or blends in with the gold (which is hard to see in the pictures).

The Complexity

Here are the buffed swatches.  Again against various backgrounds from light to dark. These are with no flash.  Depending on the background undertone, the color will take a pink tinge (lightest one on top), a warm peach gold (center), or a highlight gold (darkest).

Buffed Swatches

Without flash the gold is weakened in the swatches and more of a white highlight appears.

How the powder looks with eyeshadows sitting on top.  The pictures show it with and without flash.  The colors are softened yet given a glow.

With Eyeshadows

With flash the colors are lit from beneath, making them look less matte and dry, yet they still define without being harsh.

I will eventually do an eye look with this powder so you can see the full effect.  I would have included it with this post but, honestly, after testing and retesting on my face; my skin is raw!

This powder is probably just a basic multi-dimensional highlighter.  I am sure there are many of these around just that I couldn't go around buying from various cosmetic brands to find what I envisioned in my mind.  It was a lot quicker and not to mention cheaper to just create some for myself.

Yeah, I know it is a laughable attempt but hey, I had fun!



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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