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Viseart Eyeshadow Palettes - The Swatches

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

As I am still stuck in the pigmentsty lab, I asked Aldona from Working Beauty to swatch her Viseart palettes.  If you don't know about Aldona, she is the talented cartoonist who drew me (into her comic strip).  She also has a fabulously funny YouTube channel  by the same name: Working Beauty.

Viseart Palettes

Bridal Satin Palette

Bridal Satin Palette

The Bridal Satin Palette ($80) has pearly shades of cool, warm, and neutral colors. These colors can give you the softest nude eye looks to the most sultry smoky eye looks.  I would choose this one over the other pearly palettes just because of the variety of wearable colors.

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Bridal Satin Swatches

  • The first row has soft pearls ranging from soft gold, soft silver, a whisper pink, and baby blue.

  • The second row is jewel tones and a neutral: topaz, taupe brown, amethyst, and sapphire.

  • The last row is warm neutrals and deep smokey tones: a warm brown, bronze copper, plum, and smoked gunmetal.

Sultry Muse Palette

Sultry Muse Palette

Sultry Muse Palette ($80) - This palette consists mostly of warm colors varying from soft shimmers to hi-fi shine.  The colors can add a different dimension to matte colors especially the Basic Matte Palette which I called the Best Matte Palette, reviewed here.

Sultry Muse Swatches

  • The first row houses a micro specked gold crystal, warm amber shimmer, champagne sparkle, and a soft rose gold.

  • The second row is more of the warm deep colors like bronze, dark brown, copper, and rusty brown.

  • Third row has the metallic silver, metallic warm brown, shimmer black, and pure metallic gold.

Paris Nudes Palette

Paris Nudes Palette

Paris Nudes Palette ($80) - Aldona says this is her favorite palette and I can see why.  It isn't the usual nude palette of the boring beige and browns.  This one houses colors with a soft touch to enhance any skin tone.

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Paris Nudes Swatches

  • First row consists of soft sandy rose, white champagne, honey amber, and soft champagne.

  • Second row consists of warm tones of bronze, topaz, fawn, and shimmer sand beige.

  • Third row are the contrast colors of soft purple, sage, soft cool brown, and soft shimmer amethyst.

Dark Matte Palette

Dark Matte Palette

Dark Matte Palette - I think this one is discontinued and being replaced with the Editorial Mattes ($80).  As I was looking at these swatches, I could tell you that I would probably have skipped this palette.  I mean I really wouldn't have much use for the colors but then again it is a Viseart and the temptation would be there to just hoard!

Dark Matte Swatches

  • The first row looks to house the white, plum, dark brown, and warm brown.

  • The second row starts with what I call clown colors (no offense) soft red and orange next to those are brick red and red/brown.

  • Third row are the colors which I wouldn't know what to do with but I am sure for Cosplay it would have their place: light olive, jade green, cobalt, and gray blue.

The swatches vary and the exact colors are hard to explain.  For reference Aldona has fair cool-toned skin.  This is probably why she adores the Paris Nudes which I can see go well with her tone.  I would go for the Bridal Satin.  Which one would you go for?

A very special thank you to Aldona!!!! XOXO

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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