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More Stilazzi Neutral Eyeshadows for You to Look At

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

How could I resist a good makeup sale? Especially when pro quality makeup had been priced at less than $2!! I felt like I was back in the 1970's flashing a peace sign!  You know I had to get more neutral color eyeshadows from the Stilazzi line.

If you aren't familiar with the Stilazzi Cosmetics, you can read my reviews of their products here.  The line is found at Frends Beauty Supply and the regular price of these great eyeshadows are priced at $3-$3.50.

With my initial review of these eyeshadows, I knew I would have to buy more of the neutral colors to really satisfy the collection.

Stilazzi Eyeshadows 1

MS-24:  Since I have the MS-17 which leans towards a yellow ivory, I wanted a flesh tone peach to switch.  This one is the perfect matte in a soft milky peaches and cream color.  If you don't like yellow tones and prefer the soft peach to peach/pink, then this is the one for you.  Great for porcelain skin tones.

MS-38: I mentioned MS-39 to be a great medium taupe/brown eyeshadow for both cool and warm skin tones.  This one is just a step lighter and contains less brown.  The color is a matte cool toned taupe.  It does have a touch of gray but never too gray because the soft brown balances it out.  After seeing this one, I prefer it over MS-39 as my taupe.

Stilazzi Eyeshadows 2

MS-40: This is an excellent neutral medium brown, never leaning towards yellow and never towards red; just stays in the center.  Definitely good for all skin tones from porcelain to dark.

MS-42: A matte dark brown also in the neutral category of browns, never leaning towards yellow, red, or even orange.  The color is as dark a brown without turning towards a black base.  The color is one of the best dark browns I have seen in a long time, never murky or dirty looking. Clear in its brown color!

Stilazzi Eyeshadows 3

PS-27: This is similar to a shiny copper penny. It has the medium shimmer brown with that pink/copper glow.  Very gorgeous copper that never turns towards a dark reddish bronze.

PS-37:  I see this one as an iced root beer or a clear shimmer taupe.  If you like taupe and who doesn't, this one is a must-have.  Never warm, never too cool; just in the middle to work with any skin tone.

PS-38:  This is shimmery cinnamon brown.  It does lean towards an orange base but unlike others which are similar in color; this one has clarity and never looks like a murky and too warm brown.

There you have more of the Stilazzi neutrals.  There are more but I avoided those because they lean more towards the yellow or red base.  I wanted the browns to be as neutral as possible and the mattes are the most neutral browns I have seen.  The Pearls are clear in tone and shimmer and will never look too dry on the lids.  As I mentioned in my previous posts, these are eyeshadows which are mature eye friendly and pro quality.  If you haven't tried these eyeshadows, you are missing out on a great line! 

*I bought these.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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