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Beauty Products Which Aren't Popular Because I Am Not a YouTuber

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

As you know I don't like to follow the crowd, I mean what is the fun? I like to explore and be myself.  I like to learn about makeup and think outside the box.  I like beauty products which many don't give a hoot about because they are hidden gems until they are found by too many.  Then, I have to go looking for some other products hidden in the catacombs of a beauty monastery. 

The following products left a dominant trail in my makeup timeline due to their true quality and their personality in cosmetics.  Too bad, some of them are not easily available in the US anymore.  I miss them because they really did their jobs as an actual makeup product and not a PR product!

 Hakansson The Color Palette

Hakansson Creams

I admit as much as I love MAQpro, I do have a place for Hakansson color palettes.  These palettes have left an everlasting impression due to the minimal design and size.  Deceiving in design at the size of a credit card, these palettes carry a good amount of product.  Think of the RCMA 4 color foundation wheel, each color of the Hakansson will fill a quarter of that wheel.  Like a pro product, the creams are concentrated in color.

Unfortunately, these palettes are hard to find in the USA but they are available overseas and with an expanded product line at Eleven.  It is a shame I never got to try the rest of the line.  Such a great minimalist makeup line.  The compact above is my last one!  I will use this with all my makeup love!

Tana Cake Mascara


Cake mascara may be a bit tedious to use but they are the most eye-friendly type of mascara, especially in times when the eyes are just too sensitive to regular products.  I remember when cake mascara was sold at drugstores for a steal but they soon became extinct.  Same with this brand in the US.  Again, this Tana Cake Mascara can be found overseas on Amazon UK.  I know there is a beauty brand that has their retro cake mascara, but they changed the formula and it contains silicone.  This one doesn't and it leaves the lashes in a nourished state after removal.  This is also my last one.  I will use it to the end!

Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels

Glazing Gels

Hell yeah! You know it!  Summer is here and a fully loaded face of drag queen makeup is like wearing a winter coat!  Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels are as close as it gets to the "no makeup" look.  These enhance the skin without looking like any type of texture of makeup.  Use them as eyeshadow, blush, lipstick, bronzer, or whatever.  Think outside the box and the possibilities with these are endless!

Skin Illustrator Blue Marble Selr

Makeup Sealer

I won't lie, this is my HOLY GRAIL MAKEUP SEALANT for all seasons and not just summer.  Why should I even turn an eye to beauty brands when I know Skin Illustrator Blue Marble Selr will never ever let me down?  Keeps makeup in place all day in any type of weather, yet easy to remove with cleanser.  With some makeup exploration, this isn't just a makeup sealant, it does much more and gets the makeup brain moving!

Temptu Airbrush System

This one is the one that doesn't belong (remember Sesame Street?).  If you have been with me in the beginning, I raved about the Temptu Airbrush.

Temptu Airbrush System - Never Again!

Well, I don't rave about it anymore.  I found it to be a bit tedious for everyday.  Also, the airpods would finish so quickly or dry up.  Even if I refilled them with the pro brand version of Temptu foundation, I found it just easier and faster to apply makeup the old-fashioned way -- the sponge.

The truth for buying this Temptu $250 beauty product was due to the airpods; I won a pair on Twitter.  Looking back, what an idiot I was for buying the airbrush.  I mean winning just a part of the airbrush or the part which doesn't do anything was just ridiculous!  Think about it, it is like winning a set of tires and someone telling you to go buy the car!

What made me regret this purchase more was the fact it broke after the warranty expired!  See the air hose of the pod in the picture on the right.

What broke was the hose that would connect it to the airgun.  I learned my lesson with this.  I won't buy expensive gadgets just to write about it on the blog! As for the airbrush flawless finish,  you can get that look way cheaper with an Artis brush!


Those are some of the beauty products which I consider hidden gems.  They won't become popular thanks to me.  They will get their day with someone else with the many likes or hearts.  Me, I will be the q-tip of The Unknown Beauty Blog.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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