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The Beauty Blog That Tried but Tired After 8 Years

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post on another site, it has been stolen!*

This is one of my favorite GIFs from Supernatural because it has been the reaction I have had many times with this blog! 

This blog had its chance for an 8 year run but, honestly, I couldn't see it go on.  I have a lot of mixed feelings about beauty blogging and I hope to sort them out with this post.

I was excited to start beauty blogging, in fact, I was just excited to write up a post.  I didn't know what reception I would get but I can say they were more favorable with nice comments.  I felt good, really I did.  I felt I was contributing to the beauty community somehow.  I loved it.  As the years wore on, I felt left behind by my favorite (sarcasm) group called PR.  In fact, I wasn't on their radar for ages.  When I was, I thought FINALLY!  That never was the case.


I don't have any P's & Q's left for PR.  I am sorry.  I think many of us veteran bloggers would feel the same.  I know when Tracy @BeautyReflectTS wrote her Tired post and quit her blog, I felt her frustration ever more deeply.  I am not saying all my PR interaction was bad, I am saying the majority.  The one I loved the most was Matt from Frends Beauty, down to earth and fun, just easy going and not about this PR attitude.  I am like this and that is the attitude that makes me want to review.

As for the others, WOW, the I-will-promise-to-send-you-something (aka ignore you in the future) attitude really exudes darkly upon me, and I tend not to forget!

Shit List

Or the ones that keep sending me press releases to see if I will waste commit my time on a product without any sample. Oh yes, this is the cheapest form of PR, free advertising!  I had it with that.

Talking about cheap advertisement.  You know Instagram is another form of cheap PR.  You can say if you get stuff and post it there, you are most likely working waaaaay below minimum wage.  I guess that is one reason why I never opened an Instawastegram account.  Why waste my time on another venue of underappreciation?  Besides, you may be the owner of the picture you post on there but it won't be really yours. Read this article by British Beauty Blogger.  It is cheap labor and people are willing to be exploited because the ego is an incredible machine in one's psyche!

With the press releases and such from all these different brands and not to mention the oversaturation of hype from many of the product lines, I admittedly became glad that I didn't get my share of PR samples because I wouldn't know what to write.  THEY ALL LOOK THE SAME!  I don't know how many times you can hype up a simple tablet of pressed pigments.  Sure, some will feel better than others but when they are shaped the same and housed in some cardboard palette with someone's name attached, HOW WILL IT CHANGE ME? And, the answer is the products won't.  Only I could change myself through learning and understanding.

What I Learned

Makeup is the product but what evolves is how much one can learn.  I learned through experimentation, if makeup is applied in a certain direction, it doesn't look cakey or powdery.  Contouring and highlighting is pretty complicated because anatomy is majorly involved.  Makeup application has guidelines on the face which makes any face look symmetrical and not to mention beautiful without plastering it with so much color and product.  I learned all this because I WANTED to blog and to keep it going for my readers.

But, I also learned makeup and beauty is a competition for many and to have some original post which carried a loving memory only to be mangled and mixed up into a bad one really opened my eyes to the mean attitude of beauty.  I remember it in fashion but with makeup it turns any average everyday person into one BIG BITCH!! After that fiasco and being called narcissistic by someone, I knew beauty blogging would fizzle out of my life.

The Crappy Side of Beauty Blogging 1

The Crappy Side of Beauty Blogging 2

I defended myself and tried to fight for what was mine and right, just give credit and a mention! I am not narcissistic, I don't have illusions of grandeur like that vlogger.  I know my place in this virtual web of beauty.  I can't say it was anywhere great, at least, not among brands, but among readers and devoted followers, I have to say I did well enough to do what I wanted to do which is to open the eyes. (pun)

Beauty Blogging/Vlogging is a competition and what I write will never be my own in the virtual world unless I get a good lawyer, I decided not to put anything more from my brain!
Just remember, The Fab Four are colors when applied a certain way create the illusion of size and depth on the face.  This is why they are so important!

Makeup is a Hassle

I really don't like having a room full of makeup.  I like a steady collection I can just throw in one train case. I even find the train case too big and would rather edit it down to some simplicity like combining steps into one or creating the illusion of what several steps would do into one.  The only thing so far that does that is something I created as a fluke but isn't quite right in terms of texture yet, oh-so-right when it comes to simplicity and beauty in real life.  This means, it looks great on mature skin and just doesn't have much of a learning curve.  It is the Wise Owl Optic Cream.

Give a Hoot!

 It just gives the perfect dimension and brightness without looking like layers of makeup.

This would be the only product I would wish I could create for everyone.  You know what they say when you start a business, start with ONE GOOD PRODUCT.  Believe me, if I had the money and a cosmetic chemist to help me, I would sell this one and, maybe, my Makeup Chips!!!

I Quit

I have to because I just don't feel like a good beauty blogger when I can't promote all the brands out there.  I can't keep an objective view on brands when all I see is the same look over and over, winged eyeliner and that awful block of curved eyebrow.  Can't anyone learn to do anything different?  I don't want to buy the brand because I don't want to look like some old aged emo/drag queen!

Thank You

I have to thank my readers and followers for what would have been 8 years of beauty blogging.  Sometimes, I had moments when I just wanted a big swag bag of products just to review instead of my brain working overtime.  But, I know my readers aren't dumb and are willing to learn!! You all kept me going to this point.  I hope you enjoyed the journey.  I will keep this blog up for reference, and even then PLEASE give credit with a link!!!!

Check out: My Philosophy on Makeup for Mature Women

If you have any questions on anything I reviewed or wrote, just email me!

Love You ALLπŸ’“πŸ’›πŸ’œπŸ’πŸ’™πŸ’š

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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