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Julie Hewett Ora Mineral Bronzing Powders and a Bud of Rose

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen!**

I had taken such nice pictures of Julie Hewett's bronzers ($30USD) and Bud of Rose ($24USD) blush that I thought I would post them.  My previous pictures of Julie's and other makeup have been stuck in an external hard drive that refuses to cooperate with my MAC and Linux, and since I don't have Windows; I really can't do anything about my sucky hard drive.

Julie Hewett Talc-Free Mineral Blush & Bronzers

Julie has added a new bronzer since I last bought these.  The new one is Aphrodite which has shimmer and is described as a golden bronze.  I haven't seen this one yet and do not have it.  You would think I would but I always remove it from my cart when I place an order.  I guess I am not ready to have it.

The two I do have are matte which are Sun -a honey colored bronze and Bronze -a dark maple.  These two are the most versatile in my opinion because they can be used as bronzers, regular face powders, contour colors, and on men.  The texture feels like a creamy powder which feels a bit moisturizing on the skin.  The colors are never too red, orange, or even brown; more of a natural tan skin tone color.  And they wear very well.  I have worn these in the sweltering heat and the color stays.  In humid conditions, blot after application so the powder adheres more to the skin.  They pretty much stay on until you wash them off, of course, everyone's application methods are different so length can vary.

The one I use is Sun which is just right for me pretty much all year round.  During the winter months, it brings warmth to my skin without looking too much of a tan.  During the summer months, this one blends in with my skin tone to even it out.  In fact, if you are lazy, you can use this as a powder foundation.

Julie Hewett Blush & Bronzers

Now, for the Bud of Rose, I put this in with the bronzers because it complements nicely with them.  It looks pink but depending on the time of year it can be a soft bridal pink or it can turn to a warm very slightly peach pink (summer).  The one I have is in a cardboard container but I see Julie has repackaged this into a compact.  The size is the same as the bronzers which makes a very huge blush but with a really soft brush, this can also be used as a face powder for some to cool down the skin especially if you have an already brown tone to it.  Just brush this around the temple area, cheeks, and chin; then layer with bronzer or your own face powder.  This cuts the yellow in brown skin and gives it a slight differentiation and glow.  As a blush just arply on the apple of the cheeks with a slightly firm brush for more pigment or right on top of the curve of the cheek bones.  Again, what may look pink is actually a very versatile product.

The product I have is slightly powdery in texture but since it has been repackaged, it looks like it has become talc free and could possibly be similar to the bronzers.  Again, I can't comment on the new formulas but the old ones are still nice.  If you have any doubts about Julie's Bronzers or Bud of Rose, don't.  From what I have heard George Clooney wears the Sun bronzer.  And you thought his skin tone was natural!

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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