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Ben Nye Pro Eyeshadows versus Makeup Brands

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

This isn't a duplicate post, just a duplicate picture!

To me a pro brand is one that isn't found at a department store but more at a theatrical and film beauty supply store.  However, some brands do cross the line and sell within the two simultaneously.  But what about the brands that don't like Ben Nye.

I know I reviewed the Ben Nye eyeshadows.  And knowing me and my neutrals, my eyes go towards similar colors.  I really don't need dupes but you know, one is Ben Nye and the others are the image driven cosmetic counter lines which I have nothing against because I spend money on them too.  I just want to show you the similarities or differences between the colors.

Starting with Ben Nye Smokey Taupe and Sephora Collection Cashmere Coat

They almost look similar although the picture shows Ben Nye Smokey Taupe ($9) as warmer.  The color is actually ashy but depending on the lighting which in this case is diffused natural sunlight, the color appears a tad warmer than Sephora.  You can also see in the upper right of the pan a redness.  That isn't the picture, that is the eyeshadow.  I used it wet and discovered the undertone is magenta. 

Sephora Collection Cashmere Coat ($13) looks grey with just a touch of taupe brown.  That is pretty much the color.

The swatches show pretty much the same.  The only difference which I can only describe is the saturation.  I can apply a pigmented streak in one swipe with Ben Nye while Sephora takes about three to get the swatch in the picture.

Ben Nye Taupe and Illamasqua Heroine

These are true taupes to me yet very different when it comes to their undertones and the outcome on skin.  Ben Nye Taupe ($9) compared to Illamasqua is HUGE!  Oh yes, and the color looks a bit warmer.

Illamasqua Heroine ($20) looks slightly more ashy.  I thought it was but when I swatched them, they turned out differently. 

As I mentioned this is under natural diffused sunlight.  The Ben Nye Taupe kind of has a dual personality, it can be a yellow looking taupe if used with surrounding warm colors but when used with cool neutrals, it goes towards the ash tone.  Illamasqua Heroine looks warmer but it is one of the cool toned taupes that I have.

Price wise, Ben Nye is a great buy costing half as much as Illamasqua.  When it comes to pigment, they both have that smooth saturated swipe.  After all, Illamasqua is manufactured by Kryolan.

Ben Nye Mink Stole and Nars Coconut Grove

In the picture, the depth of Ben Nye Mink Stole($9) is defeated by the sunlight; so, if you think this color is dark when you see it in person, it isn't.  This is one of the lighter browns in the Ben Nye line. 

NARS Coconut Grove ($24) leans towards a dark brown with some ashiness.  Depending on how much it is blended, the grey will be amplified when sheered out.

In the swatches you can see Ben Nye Mink Stole is more of a light to medium neutral brown.  NARS is a dark smoky taupe.  Both are pigmented but it took Ben Nye only one swipe while NARS took two for the swatches in the picture.

Ben Nye Bronze and *Cargo Eye Bronzer Eyeshadow (PR Sample) and MAC Paint Pot Indianwood

Here, I compare Ben Nye Bronze Pearl Sheen Eyeshadow ($7) with Cargo Eye Bronzer.  Both are great products.  However, Cargo appears to be discontinued.  If you loved that product or are looking for a saturated close duplicate, Ben Nye Bronze comes pretty close.

Why did I compare MAC Paint Pot Indianwood ($18.50) to Ben Nye Bronze?  Some of you may not like the texture of a paint pot but love the saturation of the color.  Ben Nye comes close to the effect of a paint pot when used wet.  In fact, used wet I find the texture is a creamy dream!  It goes on so smoothly without skipping that it feels like liquid metal when just mixed with water.  Of course for a very long lasting finish, you can always mix it with Ben Nye Liqui-Set or use any non-oily (non-silicone based) eye makeup remover.

The swatches are so a close in color yet a differentiation in warmth.  Cargo is a bit more on the amber side of bronze while Ben Nye when applied dry is more of a neutral bronze.  Applied wet, the brown appears more but still keeps its bronze tone when compared to MAC.

Yes, all these eyeshadows are close duplicates yet different enough to own both without any buyer's remorse.  Why?  The price.  When it comes to Ben Nye, the size of the pan and the price are great, just a couple of bucks depending on where you live.  However, for some fun in shopping and to look at different packaging, the cosmetic brands can't be beat. 

*Bought by me except for the Cargo Eye Bronzer.*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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