Understanding How to Change the Eye Shape - Elongating Round Eyes

In the last post, I explained how eyeshadow could change the various eye shapes from round to Asian monolid. In this post, I touch on how this corresponds to round eyes, particularly elongating them.

Unlike my tutorials on Into the Palette which are detailed tutorials, this post will just show you the basic application and the end result.

I used Meghan who has round eyes. If you have round eyes, just follow these simple steps.

For the following, I only concentrated on the banana (lid) of the eye. The orbital ridge and browbone have their own secrets of application, therefore, I figured a separate post would be best before you just nodded off in the middle of this one!

creating length with eyeshadow

The bottom outer corner is the part of the eye which connects towards the temple and the front part of your eye.  This is the area where it is not only important for round eyes to elongate but also to sweep them back to lift that area.  You can see on the right side how the eyeshadow widens a bit to create the illusion of length.  The eyeshadow should be applied by sweeping up (not out) until it hits bone.

applying eyeshadow to the top outer corner

The top outer corner will also is applied by sweeping up and back.  On the right side, see how it already elongates the eye?

elongating the eye on the inner bottom corner

Instead of applying the same brown shadow, try applying a highlighter color to not only elongate it but to open up the eye.  Notice how the color is applied angled with the curve of the top lashline.

applying eyeshadow to top inner corner to elongate

Do the same for the top inner corner.  This again will open up the eye.  Allow the colors to meet.

applying eyeshadow to elongate round eyes

As I mentioned, the center of the eye is constant, they are just the center.  However, the intersection of the center and the inner corner is where the variation occurs.  Here, the shadow is extended below the highlighted part.

elongating round eyes

For the top center, you can apply a lighter color to emphasize the eyeball shape or the same color like it is shown here.  Notice here, the shadow is blended into the lashline.

creating depth in round eyes

Here in a sense we are enclosing the lid while emphasizing the length created by the previous eyeshadow application.  Using a darker shade, apply the eyeshadow just on the lid area of the eye socket and extend upward.

creating depth to round eyes

Do the same to the bottom lashline. See how the depth of the eye is created?

elongating round eyes

See the difference between the left and right eye?  This is just the basics of elongation of the banana area (aka lid).  This all has to come together with what sits above which is the browbone and orbital ridge.  That will be covered in a different post.  I also hope to create a much more in depth tutorial with detailed explanations.

Until next time, keep reading!

*Special thanks to Meghan for her pictures!*

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