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The Basic Color Selections from Stilazzi - The Fab Four

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen*

Some of you may have gazed and pondered over the Stilazzi eyeshadows and wondered which ones to choose when it came to The Fab Four.  Ponder no longer!  In this post I have chosen the colors for the basic everyday palette and then some.

The Fab Four

The Fab Four are the everyday wearable neutral colors for everyone.  You can't go wrong with these colors because they will just enhance the skin tone and make the eyes look better than they are without overpowering.

Here are the basic colors from the Stilazzi line  for anyone with porcelain to about medium dark skin tones.

MS-17 for ivory; MS-25 for peach; MS-38 for taupe; MS-42 for dark brown.

Porcelain to Medium Skin tones

Some of you may find you have very warm undertones and find the ivory brings out the warmth.  You may prefer a flesh tone highlighter color instead to counteract it.  In this case, just substitute MS-17 for MS-24 which is a soft fleshtone pink/peach.

Fleshtone Version

For those of you with dark skin tones from tan to the light end of the dark spectrum, you may want to try these basic colors. 

MS-17  for ivory (highlighting); MS-09 for terracotta brown (dark peach); MS-39 a browner version of taupe (less ashy); MS-42 for the dark brown.

Tan to Deep

For those of you who fall on the darker end of the dark skin tone.  You might want to try the following colors: MS-24 for the highlighting color; MS-09 for dark peach; MS-40 for the taupe (a neutral medium brown); and MS-42 the dark brown.

Deep to Dark

For any of these palettes, the following blushes would work for all skin tones or varying depths.  For a very polished everyday look, go for MB-15 an everyday neutral peach/pink or MB-19 a browned down peach.

Blush Suggestions - Subtle

For some color without looking like a clown, try MB-03 a beautiful orchid pink or MB-09 a vibrant coral peach.

Blushes Suggestions - Vibrant

The Dressed-Up Fab Four

Let's say you want a dressed-up version of the wearable colors and why not, but you don't want it to be overpowering.  Here are the four colors for porcelain to medium dark skin.

PS-24 a shimmer cream pearl; MS-25 a matte peach; PS-37 a shimmer taupe; and MS-42 a matte dark brown.  This palette should give you enough shimmer without the massive overpowering glow thanks to the mattes which gives some balance.

Dressed UP 1

For dark skin tones, the following will dress up the eyes with color yet will not look like your wearing a rainbow!

MS-24 a soft matte flesh tone; PS-27 - a copper penny glow; PS-31 a shimmer mauve plum; and MS-16 - a dark smoky, matte purple.

Dressed Up 2

With these dressed up quads of color, I suggest a neutral wash of color on the cheeks.  You don't want the colors to clash; less is more and subtle is alluring!

I hope these suggestions helped you narrow down what colors would be essential from the Stilazzi line.  Remember, these are priced regularly at $3-$3.50 (USD) but don't equate the drugstore price with the quality.  These are professional quality eyeshadows and blushes, making them pigmented like any other pro brand!  If you haven't tried the line yet, I hope you do someday!



*Links provided for your convenience.  No affiliation just pure love of these eyeshadows!*

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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