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Enter the MultiDimension with Who Is she Cosmetics Lip Composites

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you read this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Aldona has once again traveled the ends of the internet to find fascinating makeup and beauty products. This time she is reviewing a vegan based and cruelty free line of lip products called Lip Composites by Who Is She Cosmetics.

Lip Composites

Who am I? And more importantly Who Is She Cosmetics?… I am in the middle of an existential crisis, and how best to fill that conundrum than with the Lip Composites. Or as Freud would say, the object of our desire…

Where did I hear about Her?  Well, basically instagram. You know how Olivia wrote this post on Artis brushes?! At first I really thought it was a gimmick, but after her review, man I wanted them so bad!  I saw those instagram clips where the Artis Circle brush was used to apply this weird lipstick. It looked like a gooey cream from a pot… Unlike a lip gloss… it is hard to describe, you should look for some of those clips. I was intrigued.

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I learned Who Is She Cosmetics is run by a woman called Ebonie.  And so I thought, I want to support her business. So I tried to order from their site but it said no delivery to a foreign country worked. Then, weeks later it was fixed and the Summer Sale was still on!  Switzerland was not a destination they would deliver to yet Germany was (right next to Switzerland geographically, mind you). Ok, I contacted Ebonie directly on Facebook and she replied immediately saying that I should make an order with a country that the system would let through and then she would change the order manually. A bit less than two weeks later I got my package.

The Colors

Dragon’s Brew ($11.50) - It has a peachy-beige base, with white and blue shimmer in it. It is absolutely unique and fabulous on the lips. I LOVE IT!

Zenaida - which I thought would be more lilac/violet) it is a very pretty colour, but does not work well with my colouring as I hoped. again the swatch showed a more violet-rose-lilacy colour. In real life I see quite a warm base with silver shine. Again, it works and I like it, but it is not my favourite.

The Swatches

Amber ($10.50) - okay, that was a miss. It is in real life a bit more cool toned than the swatch on their site, and it is pretty flat. I like it, but it’s not for me, sorry.

Silent Rose ($10.50) - Last but definitely not least!  (I got this for free because of the issues with the site. Ebonie’s really generous like that) this is a fabulous colour and I love it just like Dragon’s Brew. It is a multicoloured rose-orange-violet… very pretty!

 And on my lips.

Lip Swatches

Consistency and Quality

These lip composites are like metallic lipsticks in gooey cream form, more liquid than any traditional lipstick, but less liquid than liquid matte lipsticks.  More of a creamy version of chewing gum… Make sense? Well it is not something I have seen before!

Application is easy and smooth, unlike Ellis Faas Lipsticks which apply patchy, Lip Composites are NOT like that.  There is no bleeding like OCC and less drying than OCC or any matte liquid lip.  They hold up curiously well even through eating like a good long-lasting lipstick.

The Many Lips of Aldona

On the lips they give a glossy finish (that wears a bit off with time) and they are slightly sticky when you put your lips together. But not annoyingly sticky… other than that, it is like you had nothing on the lips.

Here are some pictures to show you how they wear… Obviously after eating a lot is gone, however I still felt that my lips had some of the cream on, they felt always nourished and you can see on the picture that some of the colour is still there.

The Wear Test

Okay, the wear is NOT spectacular, but my lips feel very good wearing them, and as I said even after 4 hours and the some my lips feel that there is still residue on there, even if the initial glossiness wears off.
The best thing about these Lip Composites? The colours! (and this is why I should get more, because 2 colours of mine, I don’t like as much as I thought I would on my colouring, but they are still amazingly stunning shades). Many colours are multicoloured metallics hat are so unique!! And you can mix the composites, and you can also layer or put over lipstick to create desired effects. Although I find they work VERY well on their own… but just saying. There is a myriad of options.

And I saw they came out with Lip Leathers too. Which is a more matte cream without that metallic finish. I am sure I will dabble in those as well.

Now I am not saying that i am a trend setter or in ANY WAY, SHAPE OR FORM responsible for the rise of certain things. All I am saying is that I sometimes have a nose for cultural phenomena and trends. And I have this tingling now about Who Is She Cosmetics. So hop on the bandwagon and make your lips shine, cause… mark my words… Lip Composites might just very well be, the next BIG thing!


Click to shop for those multidimensional Lip Composites.

Who Is She Cosmetics

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Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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