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Don’t Bullshit Me: 3 Truly Amazing Makeup Brands

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

As I skimmed the archives of this B-List Z-List beauty blog, I realized the fun of makeup for me had to do with versatility of a brand.  Makeup that allowed me to experiment.  There are 3 brands which really allowed me to do this because they don’t bullshit!


RCMA pix from Frends Beauty

I became fascinated with RCMA not because of the professional quality of the brand, but the history of it.  If you don’t know, Vincent Kehoe created the brand back in 1962 for film,television, and theatre.  Creating a foundation may sound easy nowadays since all one thinks about is matching pigments to skin.  But, back in those days, film speed and makeup had to be compatible.

Check out: A Visual Guide to RCMA Foundations

What appeared on the movie screen as a skin color really varied greatly to the color in real life.  The foundations colors were calculated to become skin color after the final development of the celluloid.  You could say Eastman Kodak and Vincent Kehoe pushed the quality of makeup to the professional level.

Getting back to the original topic of no bullshit, RCMA doesn’t need hype.  The products are made to work because the mind of a brilliant man created them.  Not only did he understood how pigments worked with film, but how they would look on human skin.  RCMA wouldn’t exist today if Vincent Kehoe didn’t think outside the box!

One question I do have for RCMA, I wonder if they will sell their eyeshadows again?

Joe Blasco

Joe Blasco pix from Camera Ready

Joe Blasco started his makeup career back in the late 1950's.  If you aren't familiar with his work, I am sure you would be familiar with the shows he has worked on (if you are in the realm of my generation); The Carol Burnett Show (did anyone else have a crush on Lyle Waggoner?), The Addams Family, and Barney Miller to name a few.

Joe Blasco Cosmetics came into fruition in 1979.  Similar to RCMA foundations, the Ultrabase foundations are just as complex and pigmented.  They aren't the average cosmetic counter brand of color.  This brand mixes enough pigments to allow for the variations calculated into the undertone of the skin.  The foundations look good in strong lighting and even a natural one, making it perfect for everyday.

I have a special place for Joe Blasco Cosmetics, not only was it one of the first brands my thespian (couldn't call her a drama queen!) friend in high school mentioned, it was one of the first brands who contributed to this blog!

Check out: A Comprehensive Visual Guide to Joe Blasco Cosmetics

As a beauty blogger just starting out, the Joe Blasco brand created one of my best makeup memories.  I was so flabbergasted when the brand which I revered in my youth and a makeup artist I respected so much actually contacted me and took the time to send me products to try out.  You could say they were my first PR samples.  They didn't care I was just starting out or how small and insignificant I stood in the beauty blogging realm.  To this day I appreciate the gesture!!!

If you aren't aware, Joe Blasco Cosmetics has an entire line of color.  Two products I suggest is the Ultamattes which are really the basis of many of the cream shadows today and the blushes especially Camber Mauve.

Ben Nye

Ben Nye Sr. was a makeup artist for 20th Century Fox for decades.  If you aren't familiar with his work, then you haven't watched The Planet of the Apes, you know the old version with Charlton Heston running around in that loincloth!  The line was created in the late 1960's and is run by Dana Nye.  I am sure if you have been to the many makeup conventions, you have run into him.

Ben Nye is what started it all for me.  This line was the gateway makeup line to thinking outside the box, to not look at makeup just for what it is but for what it could be!  (I sound like I had a dose of LSD!)  Ben Nye Burns & Blisters started it all, then I moved on to the Fireworks and Fantasy wheel that you see above.  You will see more of this in a future post, Gail.

In fact, Ben Nye cream colors really allowed me to understand color theory way back when I only knew how to mix red and blue to make purple.

Check out: Ben Nye Pro Eyeshadows Versus Makeup Brands

RCMA, Joe Blasco, and Ben Nye are three brands I would pimp without hesitation.  I don't have to worry about treating the makeup like it was some type of expensive jewelry.  I could experiment to my heart's content and know the colors will turn out clear and not muddy because the pigments and ingredients to formulate them are important as the legacy they have created.   I wouldn't have to emphasize the word AHHMAZZING to convince you these brands are great because they are and other brands do not compare!

I would affiliate myself with them if they had affiliate links. But I do understand they are made for the pro community and it would be better to allow them to have the discounts because a true makeup artist isn't exactly rolling in the dough.

Here is another thing, if someone claims to be a makeup artist, ask them if they have heard or tried any of these three brands.  If they haven't, they haven't touched great professional quality makeup! 

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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