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Cannom Essentials Palette: A Must-Have HD Cream Palette

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Updated: July 6, 2021

I had to write a post because there is a revolutionary new palette that needs to be known for anyone who wants to simplify their life. Yes, it is a pro brand by a SFX deity Greg Cannom. Don't worry, you don't need special skills, you just have to adjust the amount you use. Not only is this a wax/cream based product, it is creaseless, waterproof, and Wise Owl friendly!!!

This is what happened (gif-orically) when I showed Olivia Sr.

Cannom PM Palettes are created by the SFX artist Greg Cannom who has worked on so many movies and famous faces that listing them on this post would turn into a separate blog of movie fandom. I will just summarize. He has transformed a human into another form of matter in The Incredible Melting Man (which I saw in the theater way back in time) and vice versa in Vice with Christian Bale.

Cannom PM Essentials Palette - Front

Palette size: 4 1/4″ x 3-3/4″ x 1/2″

Cannom PM Essentials Palette - Back

Not only are the PM palettes a collection wax/cream colors based on another legendary film and television makeup deity, William Tuttle; Mr. Cannom has collaborated with a very well respected pro brand, PPI (Premiere Products Inc.), an FDA licensed and cruelty-free manufacturer of the Skin Illustrator palettes and various other products used in the film and television makeup industry. If you have read this blog, Blue Marble Selr and Skin Illustrator Glazing Gels are two of the products I have fawned over. These two also work with the Cannom palettes.


Source: FDA

For PPI, I believe this is the first and recent foray into the wax/cream formulation. (If I am incorrect, please correct me.) They are usually known for their highly-praised alcohol palettes, a cocktail of colors which have to be activated will 99% alcohol or some alcohol based activator. Cream colors brings them into a whole new makeup realm.

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Cannom PM Palettes with the exemption of the Monster Colors, offer foundation colors for various depths of skin tones from fair to dark ethnicities. These can be used on top of skin alone or even on prosthetics.

The palette I bought (my money, no sponsorship, no gift card, nothing) is Cannom PM Essentials Palette ($55 USD) from Frends Beauty (not an affiliate link but as a mention as a referral would be nice since it is my favorite beauty store).

Take A Look at these Gorgeous Creams

This palette has all the essentials (thus the name) for light to pale tan skin to do a quick face. If you apply these colors like frosting on your face, you really need to re-examine your makeup application technique. As I have always mentioned with pro products, a little goes a long way. The pigments are concentrated and should work intrinsically with the skin. It is more about working with the skin, first, than to go against it. The size and amount of product are enough to last you a long time.

Top Row from left to right: 
  • GC Beige – Only available in this palette. All around neutral beige that works on warm and cool skin tones. Foundation/neutralizer/concealer or mix with the warm beige to create a more neutral beige.
  • Med Dark Beige – Pink/peach based. Can be used as a bronzer for fair skin tones. Mix with the Coco Bare for a deeper bronze color. 
  • Emily Blush – This is the most neutral red I have ever seen. As a blush it won't look like those Santa Claus cheeks but more of a natural glow of red, you know the type of blood red from a workout. It also won't look sunburnt. The best red I have seen to date! Use as a blush, lipstick, eyeshadow, whatever your heart desires. Mix with other colors to tone down or make it into a milky color.


Bottom Row from left to right: 
  • Shibui – Yellow based beige. This is the color I use as my foundation. If you use RCMA KO series or the pale end of the Shinto series, this one would work. This color is also similar to Ben Nye Shinsei.
  • Tawnshee – Yellow/Peach. Concealer/foundation/neutralizer. This is about 2 steps darker than Shibui. Again, mix with Coco Bare to create a bronzer.
  • Coco Bare - Oh My! This is a NEUTRAL brown. I would say the perfect color for a soft natural eyeshadow or even eyeliner. Neutral browns are so hard to find!!!

Here is the hard part for me, it is explaining how a wax-based cream can be light diffusing, waterproof, sweatproof, creaseproof, and just plain smooth on the skin of ANY age!!! The formulation of these colors allow it to sit on the skin like it is part of the skin. Even on the eyes, if you have oily eyelids or even if sweat runs down, the color will still be there but it will look natural. The colors smooth out the skin and you will even feel the smoothness!

The Beauty and Smoothness

Here are some questions you might have about this palette:
  • Is this really a cream palette? Yes!
  • So, it won't dry out? Correct!
  • If it is a cream, won't I need to powder? No, it "dries"to a smooth finish.
  • Can I use a primer? Yes, it is optional.
  • Is it oily? Surprise, it isn't oily at all!
  • Will it work on oily skin? Yes!

I have tried several wax/cream based pro products. RCMA, Joe Blasco, Ben Nye, Kryolan, MaqPro, Graftobian, and several more. You can see my love for pro brands! And, they are great because they do what they do which is offer true color and a lot of pigment to make the face look as natural as possible but they all need to be powdered or set in some way or form. The PM palettes shouldn't be powdered, instead, if you want to seal it, use any one of PPI sealants.

Wait, you are probably wondering about Sian Richard's palettes. Yes, they are still one of my faves and I have used them during the pandemic. In fact, I will be using the Cannom PM Essentials with the Sian's, they work well together. I bet, you are wondering if they are like Sian's. No, it is a completely different formula.

Cannom PM Palettes are hybrid cream foundations. If you are downsizing or a minamalist like me or even someone who can't stand having to open so many containers just to do your one face (of course, if you have two then I wouldn't hold it against you to have a collection of makeup), this all-in-one essentials of color is a time saver.

Update: For those wondering if this palette will dry out, it won't. It isn't silicone based. It is a wax/cream based but nothing like the wax/cream based pro brand products I have tried before. It won't shrink either. It is pure cream but with some Greg Cannom magic!

The Cannom PM Essentials Palette has been given the Wise Owl Stamp of approval!!!

Wise Owl Approval

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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