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Opening Up the Asian Eyes

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Opening your eyes or applying eyeshadow to make them look wide awake is just an illusion.  We all have our tired moments and hope makeup will cover it all up.  In my last post, I showed an example of how just changing the placement of the orbital ridge line can really open up the eyes. This time let's see it on Asian eyes.

Maria from If Makeup Could Talk suggested Maggie Q as a subject.  Being a fan of the show Nikita and disappointed it had to be cancelled, I was thrilled at the suggestion!

What I liked about the show Nikita, not only was it kick-ass suspense and drama with such femininity, Maggie Q's makeup was fabulous.  I loved how she looked different in each episode or even each scene.  You know how many shows just represent the character in one makeup show after show to the point you just get bored of their look?  Well, with Nikita, Maggie Q proved that an Asian didn't need to have smoky eyes all the time.  I loved her looks mostly when they were subtle and natural.

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Again, the placement of the orbital ridge line can really open up and lift the eyes.  Here are several examples from soft nude to smoky.

Notice where the arrows point and the lines are. 

Natural Looking Makeup

  Daytime Makeup 1

Daytime Makeup 2

Smokey Eye Look

You might feel this is a bit unusual and uncomfortable from the norm.  Up close in the mirror it might not look right at all.  Well, think of this as a painting by Monet.  If you ever see his work up close, it is blurry but you stand a few feet away and the painting suddenly looks sharp and you see it in its entirety.  Shouldn't your makeup, especially your eye makeup be that way?  You have a face and people should see the beauty in your entire face, the balance in your makeup.  Up close your eyeshadow will not scare detract them.  You will be an improved version of yourself but still you.
Maggie Q's makeup in Nikita proves this. 

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Next post, the Asian monolid.

Pictures from CWtv.com.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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