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Depot with Floss - The Prequel & Sequel

 *Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

Or Harry Depotter and the Talc Tablets of Magic!  That was my other title but I didn't think it would fly.  You know by now I like to depot for convenience, and the way I do it really goes back to this great kit.

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****See the in-depth depotting tutorial here which was plagiarized by a narcissistic YouTube idiot.****

As I mentioned, my depotting days started with a sewing kit; a mini one which my grandmother gave me when I was a teenager.  (Little did she know this kit gave me the idea to floss makeup out of containers.)  This kit may look small but it carried the typical emergency stuff as you can see.  Everything from buttons, thread, sewing needles, to anything in between!

Okay, so this is the sewing kit, now onto more depotting.

Depotting without Heat 

Some of you may wonder how the depotting with floss works with MAC.  These have inserts in them.  I used to have a bunch of MAC containers and loved the look on the SA's faces when I returned them unharmed.  They wondered how I got the pans out and left the containers in pristine condition.

At the moment, I have no MAC eyeshadow containers.  I am using a similarly made container by NYX Cosmetics.  You don't have to take out the insert at all.  The instructions are the same as this post, so I will just show you the pictures.

If you notice the pan, it has a groove in it.  Sometimes, some pans have many grooves and the glue will sit stubbornly inside these grooves making removal a bit harder.  This is when you can add some rubbing alcohol or a heat of a dryer to loosen the glue.

Repotting for Future Use
Let's say you have a container and the product inside has shattered.  Many of you like to fix the shattered powder and put it back.  Sometimes, putting it back into the pan is messier than the shattered powder.  This is where depotting the empty pan and repotting for future convenience helps.

Here, I have a MAC container whose product unfortunately shattered after I dropped it.  I didn't save the powder but the container is pretty nice.  (I could someday put in one of my mineral foundations.)

Removal of the pan is only easier because there is no product.  If there were product, the powder could break off when sticking the pins to find the gap.  If it were a cream product, then it would be easier.

Notice that big blob of glue in the center.  Remove that with some rubbing alcohol.  Apply a magnet.  The pan can be removed depotted and repotted with ease!

Does this floss method of depotting work for all containers? No, but it can work for most. Some makeup containers have so much glue or very strong glue that the only way to remove the pan is to melt the case, there is no way around it.

I hope this post helped some of you in your depotting and repotting adventures.  Any questions, just leave a comment below.

Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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