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Thinking Outside the Box with Eyeshadows

*Post originally written by Olivia J on The Unknown Beauty Blog. If you see this post elsewhere, it has been stolen.*

When I am not blogging and have free time, I love to play with makeup!  Mostly eye makeup. In fact, I LOVE EYE MAKEUP more than any OTHER COSMETIC PRODUCT! Eye makeup transforms the face since they are the windows to the soul.

I think all this started when I was a teen, my eyes weren't the normal shape way back. The magazines were filled with beautiful caucasoid eyes.  Mine were far from.  I didn't even know how to apply eyeshadow, there was nothing to guide me only my intuition. Maybe, this is the reason why I still experiment and really don't bother to learn in the normal way of makeup.

How Eyeshadow Shapes

Eyes change shape as one ages. What looked great in my youth looks very off and awful now! Then again, I just applied eyeshadow!  I didn't learn back then.

Eyeshadows Create Illusions

Even now, I still find what was great a few years back, specifically my Into the Palette
posts made me less enthusiastic.  This is probably the reason why I haven't posted many of the missing tutorials.  They just feel dated to me and uninspiring because it just makes eyeshadow...eyeshadow.

What is Eye Makeup?

Eye makeup to me is creating an illusion.  An illusion which can be anything from an everyday look to a dramatic look and it should work on anyone of any age.  Eye makeup is also ignoring what one sees.

You may see what you think is the eye area but really it is much bigger than that!

And, this is what screwed with my mind, the boundaries of the eyes.

Yes, I was agonizing over my eye shape and eyeshadow, a feeling I had during my teen years.  I know I don't have the perfect retouched eyes, but no one does. Yet the eyes can look good with a little help.  I can look better and my eyes can look bigger.

Different Finishes Create Effects

I started experimenting, just applying eyeshadow above and beyond the boundaries.  I started hitting the pan of many eyeshadow colors.  The main reason why I don't buy the high end stuff anymore.  I go through powders like water and high end shadows are just too expensive to use, also they don't contain enough pigment to differentiate a pattern on the eyes.

With each application and reapplication, my mind began to see things.  (Maybe, I was hallucinating.) Pretty soon, my mind wanted to explode.  The reason being, I was stubborn.  I didn't want to learn about how facial structure is crucial to the eye makeup. After all, I just want to apply eyeshadow for my own life and not some television or YT channel!  I am just an old lady living an everyday life.

But soon what had to be just had to be.  What is known from the outer boundaries creates the boundaries within. I began seeing all these lines and patterns, even when I closed my eyes!  Yeah, you could say I was consumed.  The pictures below aren't correct but you can see how my brain twirled!

Eyeshadow Application Have a Geometric Pattern

What I Learned from Eye Makeup!!!

I learned eye makeup or even makeup application is really a well calculated mathematical equation.  An equation probably involving the Fibonacci Sequence.  I don't know, I am not a mathematician.  I also know not only does anatomy fall into the sequence, so does geometry. Remember the rule: 2 parallel lines cut by a transversal opposite angles are congruent?  Yeah, I didn't remember until I started the eye makeup experiments.

So, how are my learning experiments going?  I can say it keeps my brain churning! Maybe, I am slightly obsessive or maybe I just don't like to do things the easy way. Maybe, I just look at makeup differently.  I don't know.  I just know I use a lot of eyeshadow when I play and that makes me feel good, knowing I am using up something in an age where we tend to hoard or just throw away things.  I LOVE LEARNING and this is why I LOVE WELL PIGMENTED EYE MAKEUP!!!

Eyeshadow Is Fun

There you have a slight peek into my brain and my obsessiveness with eyeshadow.  I should really get a good cream palette or an alcohol activated palette to complement the powders.

Until next time...



Read by the Intelligent! Uncredited, copied, and plagiarized by the idiots!
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